The Great Gaias Wiki

The Original Companions are the players of the original Tenat: Campaign Setting, created and written by Dungeon Master, Matt Pappalardo, started in 2007.

  • Matt Pappalardo - Orignally created Griswold Stormprey and Virgil Mythos
  • Brian Swahn - Originally created Pots Talos
  • Nick Lobianco - Originally created Kaelas Tangralas
  • Nathan Cohn - Originally created Bruger Ironhelm
  • Brandon Ross - Originally created Wein Beranydyn
  • Vince Gentile - Originally created Elric Yore
  • Bill Sykes - Originally created Belkas Swordhand
  • Scott Soblick - Originally created Quathorn Vaias
  • Paul Bernacchio - Originally created Valdraek, Son of Hallan

The characters and likeness developed in The Great Gaias are based off the original story written by Matt Pappalardo, and are protected under U.S. Copyright. These likenesses are being licensed to Horizon's End, Inc. for their use exclusively in The Great Gaias.