The Great Gaias Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for the game The Great Gaias. There are 232 available achievements.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
A Bone To Pick.jpg A Bone To Pick Help the Archaeologist with a new discovery at the Farlen Dig Site.
A History Repeated.jpg A History Repeated Complete Chapter IV.
A New Age.jpg A New Age Complete Chapter I.
Adelle Justar.jpg Adelle Justar
Adept Alchemist.jpg Adept Alchemist Acquire a Gold Mortar and Pestle.
Adept Collector.jpg Adept Collector Collect (70) Celestium Shards.
Adept Miner.jpg Adept Miner Raise Mining Skill to (70).
Adept Rogue.jpg Adept Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (70).
Adept Thief.jpg Adept Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (70).
Agramed Oslo.jpg Agramed Oslo Acquire Agramed the Gladiator as a party member.
Amateur Collector.jpg Amateur Collector Collect (40) Celestium Shards.
Amateur Miner.jpg Amateur Miner Raise Mining Skill to (40).
Amateur Thief.jpg Amateur Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (40).
Amateur Rogue.jpg Amateur Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (40).
Amon'Quel's Hood.jpg Amon'Quel's Hood Acquire [[Amon'Quel's Hood].
Amon'Quel's Knuckles.jpg Amon'Quel's Knuckles Acquire Amon'Quel's Knuckles.
Apprentice Alchemist.jpg Apprentice Alchemist Acquire a Copper Mortar and Pestle.
Apprentice Collector.jpg Apprentice Collector Collect (30) Celestium Shards.
Apprentice Miner.jpg Apprentice Miner Raise Mining Skill to (30).
Apprentice Rogue.jpg Apprentice Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (30).
Apprentice Thief.jpg Apprentice Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (30).
Arethid.jpg Arethid Acquire Arethid.
Arman's Helm.jpg Arman's Helm Acquire Arman's Helm.
Arman's Plate.jpg Arman's Plate Acquire Arman's Plate.
Atgeir.jpg Atgeir Acquire Atgeir.
Atreyu's Doublet.jpg Atreyu's Doublet Acquire Atreyu's Doublet.
Atrius Althorand.jpg Atrius Althorand Acquire Atrius the Assassin as a party member.
Belkas Swordhand.jpg Belkas Swordhand
Bruger Ironhelm.jpg Bruger Ironhelm Acquire Bruger the Barbarian as a party member.
Caduceus.jpg Caduceus Acquire Caduceus.
Caelia Vaeili.jpg Caelia Vaeili Acquire Caelia the Alchemist as a party member.
Children of Light.jpg Children of Light
Collector.jpg Collector Collect (1) Celestium Shard.
Commendation of Alme.jpg Commendation of Alme
Commendation of Amanor.jpg Commendation of Amanor
Commendation of Dupre.jpg Commendation of Dupre
Commendation of Eldrethen.jpg Commendation of Eldrethen
Commendation of Farlen.jpg Commendation of Farlen
Commendation of Frosthammer.jpg Commendation of Frosthammer
Commendation of Greybridge.jpg Commendation of Greybridge
Commendation of Greyhem.jpg Commendation of Greyhem
Commendation of Kuruk.jpg Commendation of Kuruk
Commendation of Merchants.jpg Commendation of Merchants
Commendation of Miner's End.jpg Commendation of Miner's End
Commendation of Osiris.jpg Commendation of Osiris
Commendation of Porthul.jpg Commendation of Porthul
Commendation of Sorbithia.jpg Commendation of Sorbithia
Commendation of Sovereign.jpg Commendation of Sovereign
Courtain.jpg Courtain Acquire Courtain
Elaenia Althorand.jpg Elaenia Althorand Acquire Laeni the Priestess as a party member.
Elric Yore.jpg Elric Yore Acquire Elric the Ranger as a party member.
Elvandor's Armor.jpg Elvandor's Armor Acquire Elvandor's Armor.
Epic Level Barbarian.jpg Epic Level Barbarian Achieve Level (65) with Bruger.
Epic Level Rogue.jpg Epic Level Rogue Achieve Level (65) with Pots.
Epic Level Sorceress.jpg Epic Level Sorceress Achieve Level (65) with Furi.
Ethereal Veil.jpg Ethereal Veil Acquire Ethereal Veil.
Evalache.jpg Evalache Acquire Evalache.
Expert Miner.jpg Expert Miner Raise Mining Skill to (80).
Expert Rogue.jpg Expert Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (80).
Expert Thief.jpg Expert Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (80).
Fighting.jpg Fighting
Furi Stormcrow.jpg Furi Stormcrow Acquire Furi the Sorceress as a party member.
Gauntlet Locks.jpg Gauntlet Locks
Gerald's Helm.jpg Gerald's Helm
Gerald's Plate.jpg Gerald's Plate
Grandmaster Alchemist.jpg Grandmaster Alchemist Acquire a Platinum Mortar and Pestle.
Grandmaster Miner.jpg Grandmaster Miner Raise Mining Skill to (100).
Grandmaster Rogue.jpg Grandmaster Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (100).
Grandmaster Thief.jpg Grandmaster Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (100).
Griswold Stormprey.jpg Griswold Stormprey Acquire Griswold the Cleric as a party member.
Harpe.jpg Harpe Acquire Harpe.
Helm of Highwater.jpg Helm of Highwater Acquire Helm of Highwater.
Herald of Tantalasia.jpg Herald of Tantalasia Acquire Herald of Tantalasia.
Heron Blade.jpg Heron Blade Acquire Heron Blade.
Hezerac's Buckler.jpg Hezerac's Buckler Acquire Hezerac's Buckler.
Hezerac's Garb.jpg Hezerac's Garb Acquire Hezerac's Garb.
Hezerac's Hood.jpg Hezerac's Hood Acquire Hezerac's Hood.
Hiro Cortlabar.jpg Hiro Cortlabar Acquire Hiro the Dragoon as a party member.
Ioun Stone.jpg Ioun Stone Acquire Ioun Stone.
Journeyman Alchemist.jpg Journeyman Alchemist Acquire a Silver Mortar and Pestle.
Journeyman Collector.jpg Journeyman Collector Collect (50) Celestium Shards.
Journeyman Miner.jpg Journeyman Miner Raise Mining Skill to (50).
Journeyman Rogue.jpg Journeyman Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (50).
Journeyman Thief.jpg Journeyman Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (50).
Kaelas Tangralas.jpg Kaelas Tangralas Acquire Kaelas the Druid as a party member.
Lord of Blades.jpg Lord of Blades Acquire Hanzo, the Lord of Blades.
Lord of Constructs.jpg Lord of Constructs Acquire Kraxus, the Lord of Constructs.
Lord of Death.jpg Lord of Death Acquire Thanatos, the Lord of Death.
Lord of Elements.jpg Lord of Elements
Lord of Ice.jpg Lord of Ice Acquire Leviticus, the Lord of Ice.
Lord of Space.jpg Lord of Space Acquire Uruboros, the Lord of Space.
Lord of Thunder.jpg Lord of Thunder Acquire Raijin, the Lord of Thunder.
Lord of Water.jpg Lord of Water Acquire Leviathan, the Lord of Water.
Making A Hero.jpg Making A Hero Complete Chapter II.
Many More Fights.jpg Many More Fights
Masamune.jpg Masamune Acquire Masamune.
Master Miner.jpg Master Miner Raise Mining Skill to (90).
Master Rogue.jpg Master Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (90).
Master Thief.jpg Master Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (90).
Much Fighting.jpg Much Fighting
Much More Fighting.jpg Much More Fighting
Neophyte Alchemist.jpg Neophyte Alchemist Acquire a Stone Mortar and Pestle.
Neophyte Collector.jpg Neophyte Collector Collect (10) Celestium Shards.
Neophyte Miner.jpg Neophyte Miner Raise Mining Skill to (10).
Neophyte Rogue.jpg Neophyte Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (10).
Neophyte Thief.jpg Neophyte Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (10).
New Eldrethen.jpg New Eldrethen Build the Normal City.
Novice Collector.jpg Novice Collector Collect (20) Celestium Shards.
Novice Miner.jpg Novice Miner Raise Mining Skill to (20).
Novice Rogue.jpg Novice Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (20).
Novice Thief.jpg Novice Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (20).
Oathbow.jpg Oathbow Acquire Oathbow.
Olto's Dagger.jpg Olto's Dagger Acquire Olto's Dagger.
Order of High Sorcery.jpg Order of High Sorcery
Osiluth's Helm.jpg Osiluth's Helm Acquire Osiluth's Helm.
Osiluth's Spaulders.jpg Osiluth's Spaulders Acquire Osiluth's Spaulders.
Periapt of Benevolence.jpg Periapt of Benevolence Acquire Periapt of Benevolence.
Quathorn Vaias.jpg Quathorn Vaias Acquire Quathorn the Conjuror as a party member.
Raenor's Helm.jpg Acquire Raenor's Helm.
Raenor's Mantle.jpg Raenor's Mantle Acquire Raenor's Mantle.
Rhonghomiant.jpg Rhonghomiant Acquire Rhonghomiant.
Ring of Amon'Quel.jpg Ring of Amon'Quel Acquire Ring of Amon'Quel.
Saarinen's Belt.jpg Saarinen's Belt Acquire Saarinen's Belt.
Saarinen's Hauberk.jpg Saarinen's Hauberk Acquire Saarinen's Hauberk.
Saarinen's Helm.jpg Saarinen's Helm Acquire Saarinen's Helm.
Sauvagine.jpg Sauvagine Acquire Sauvagine.
Scarab of Protection.jpg Scarab of Protection Acquire Scarab of Protection.
Sigil of Althorand.jpg Sigil of Althorand Acquire Sigil of Althorand.
Sigil of Arman.jpg Sigil of Arman Acquire Sigil of Arman.
Silver Armor of Tantalasia.jpg Silver Armor of Tantalasia Acquire Silver Armor of Tantalasia.
Silverspark.jpg Silverspark Acquire Silverspark.
Sins of the Father.jpg Sins of the Father
Skilled Collector.jpg Skilled Collector Collect (60) Celestium Shards.
Skilled Miner.jpg Skilled Miner Raise Mining Skill to (60).
Skilled Rogue.jpg Skilled Rogue Raise Disable Device Skill to (60).
Skilled Thief.jpg Skilled Thief Raise Lockpicking Skill to (60).
Staff of Magi.jpg Staff of Magi Acquire Staff of Magi.
The Chosen One.jpg The Chosen One
The Corruptor.jpg The Corruptor
The Daughter of Carnage.jpg The Daughter of Carnage
The Daughter of the Dark.jpg The Daughter of the Dark
The Executor.jpg The Executor
The Faceless One.jpg The Faceless One
The Great Divide.jpg The Great Divide Complete Chapter III.
The Harbinger of Death.jpg The Harbinger of Death
The Lord of Sorcery.jpg The Lord of Sorcery
The Richest Man in the World.jpg The Richest Man in the World
The Shadow Lord.jpg The Shadow Lord
The Stonewalls.jpg The Stonewalls
The Summoner's End.jpg The Summoner's End
The Wardruid of Porthulsti.jpg The Wardruid of Porthulsti
The Warmage of Porthulsti.jpg The Warmage of Porthulsti
The Warpriest of Porthulsti.jpg The Warpriest of Porthulsti
The Whisperer.jpg The Whisperer
Ulgar's Bracers.jpg Ulgar's Bracers Acquire Ulgar's Bracers.
Ulgar's Crown.jpg Ulgar's Crown Acquire Ulgar's Crown.
Ulgar's Cuirass.jpg Ulgar's Cuirass Acquire Ulgar's Cuirass.
Valdraek, Son of Hallan.jpg Valdraek, Son of Hallan Acquire Valdraek the Spellsword as a party member.
Vandar's Gauntlets.jpg Vandar's Gauntlets Acquire Vandar's Gauntlets.
Vandar's Veil.jpg Vandar's Veil Acquire Vandar's Veil.
Vandar's Vestments.jpg Vandar's Vestments Acquire Vandar's Vestments.
Veil of Atreyu.jpg Veil of Atreyu Acquire Veil of Atreyu.
Veriel's Robe.jpg Veriel's Robe Acquire Veriel's Robe.
Virgil Mythos.jpg Virgil Mythos Acquire Virgil the Wizard as a party member.
Visions of the Past.jpg Visions of the Past Complete Chapter V.
Warmage's Robe.jpg Warmage's Robe Acquire Warmage's Robe.
Warriors of Light.jpg Warriors of Light
Wein Beranedyn.jpg Wein Beranedyn Acquire Wein the Paladin as a party member.
Windspeaker's Robe.jpg Windspeaker's Robe Acquire Windspeaker's Robe.
Zacharael's Sash.jpg Zacharael's Sash Acquire Zacharael's Sash.